A Decentralized Password Manager
Secure as Bitcoin
Discard your Master Password
Encrypt data by BIP39/BIP44 private key of Bitcoin,completely abandons Master Password, and solves security issues caused by brute-force.
Based on blockchain, you could build your node server, and Mnemonic Phrase is only controlled by you and stored on your device.
Web3Password doesn't require Email, Mobile, Password, and has no any built-in logs or user behavior collection modules.
Secure as Bitcoin
Web3Password innovatively introduces BIP39/BIP44 private key of Bitcoin to encrypt all your data, therefore your data as secure as Bitcoin.
BIP39/BIP44 Mnemonic Phrase
AES256+Chacha20 Cross-Encryption
With a few steps, you could autofill credentials on your devices. You no longer need to remember any passwords.
Secure Share
With a few steps, you could share your confidential data with your family members, friends, or collaborators easily.
Why Web3Password?
In 2022, a password manager company was hacked, resulting in many accounts being brute-foced, and significant losses occurring. Therefore, key derivation from Master Password is insufficient. Even with PBKDF2 or Argon2, they still have huge security issues.
Web3Password completely uses Mnemonic Phrase as your only access credential. The Mnemonic Phrase is only controlled by you, only stored on your device. Not even Web3Password can access it. Therefore your data is as secure as Bitcoin.
Your data is only protected by BIP39/BIP44 of Bitcoin. Not only by laws. Secure your privacy data with Web3Password. Not trust Web3Password or any other Password Manager. Just Verify.
Web3Password Team
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